VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Parking at American Lake

Map of the American Lake division 


Construction notice: Changes to access to some buildings and parking area may change due to ongoing remodeling and construction at American Lake. Please visit our construction page for updates.

Patient parking areas are denoted in pink. You might find it helpful to print this map before you visit American Lake.

Disabled patients: If you need to unload a disabled passenger, you may drive up to the front of the building and offload the patient in the offloading zone. Maximum time that you main remain in this area is ten minutes.

Warning: Please don't leave your valuables in your car in plain view and always lock your vehicle.

VA Police may provide after hour escorts to parking lots, battery jump starts, vehicle unlocks, and in some cases flat tire assistance (limited to disabled persons). Please contact the VA Police at extension 7-6757.

Inpatients will require vehicle registration. Admissions will notify the VA Police of the requirement for registration. Patients will require vehicle registration, insurance card, and current driver's license.

A shuttle service is provided between the two divisions. Please go here for more information including a weekday schedule .