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VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Basic Information

Our official hospital name is VA Puget Sound Health Care System – Seattle Division, but it's also know as the Seattle VA Medical Center.

The Marrow Transplant Unit is located in Building 100, 4th floor, Room 4D-113

Our physical address is two miles south of downtown Seattle (in the Beacon Hill neighborhood) at: 1660 S. Columbian Way, Seattle, WA 98108-1597

Phone numbers
Marrow Transplant Unit  (206) 764-2199
Seattle VAMC (800) 329-8387 (WA)

List of Patient Items to bring to Seattle

1.   Comfortable casual clothing: Sweatshirts and sweatpants
2.   Undergarments: V-neck t-shirts are best to allow central line access
3.   Socks
4.   Pajamas or sleepwear: You may prefer your own comfortable pajamas rather than hospital gowns
5.   Light jacket/sweater: Even in the summer, Seattle temps can be cool
6.   Large brim Hat: Sun sensitivity is an issue for transplant patients
7.   Slippers & walking shoes: For swollen feet - tennis shoes/sneakers are highly recommended
8.   Water bottle
9.   Due to cutting/infection risk, ONLY electric razors are allowed - If your razor is not new, have it cleaned
10. Portable hobbies: Magazines/books, cards/games, lap top computer, etc.
11. Personal decorative items:  For patient's hospital room/MTU apartment - Live plants or flowers are not permitted in hospital room/MTU apartment due to risk of mold or fungus spores
12. Cell phone
13. A two-week medication supply & items you may use to care for a catheter (e.g. Hickman, Groshong, PICC, etc…).
14. Journal/notebook: Patients report keeping a journal/notebook to record treatment, questions and experiences reduces reduced the stress of remembering all medical information 

Important to consider prior to transplant:

Sterility: Inability to have children is a likely side effect of the transplant process. Patients may want to consider options for storing sperm or eggs prior to coming to Seattle as the time involved in this process can take several weeks. Please be aware that VA will not pay for sperm collection or storage but your referring VAmedical center should be able to provide referral to a local private facility. Please contact the MTU Social Worker if you need resources to locate financial assistance, need referral to a local facility or have other questions.

Legal Arrangements: Prior to coming to Seattle for transplant, patients and their families may benefit from consultation with a financial planner or attorney. A small percentage of patients will die from complications related to transplant. It may be wise to have a Will made to determine property or estate issues. Attorneys can assist with creating legal/financial Power of Attorney documents.

It is also extremely helpful to create Advance Directives which include Living Wills for health care related decisions and/or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care to designate a trusted individual to speak for you). If you have these documents, bring a copy with you to Seattle and give them to the MTU Social Worker. If you don’t have these documents, your referring Social Worker can help you complete them. Visit this site for more about Advance Directives.

Final Arrangements: Patients and their families may find it helpful to spend some time discussing and clarifying what the patient's wishes would be if a death were to occur. Would they want burial or cremation and how would these arrangements be handled? Although it will be emotionally difficult to address these above issues, experience has proven that a small amount of pre-planning goes a long way in preventing unnecessary stress and suffering for patients and for surviving family members.

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