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Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record

Are you receiving medical care outside the VA?

In addition to the VA, are you receiving health care from the Department of Defense (DoD), Multicare Health System or other local health care facilities?  If so, you may sign up to participate in the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Health Program.

What is VLER?

VLER Health is a new program that shares select parts of a Veterans’ medical record electronically, safely, and privately with other approved health care facilities that are members of a secure Internet network known as the Nationwide Health Information Network.  The VLER Health program pioneers the exchange of information between different health care systems. It is a very important step into the future of health care.

The VLER program is in a "pilot" phase and is enrolling VA patients who are also enrolled in MultiCare of Pierce County. Based on the performance of this pilot phase, the program may be expanded to include other private healthcare providers.

Benefits to Veterans who participate in the VLER Health Program

Before VLER Health, when a VA doctor needed medical records from outside the VA, it often took weeks of waiting for the paper records to arrive. VLER Health does the same thing in just seconds. Some of the information, for example medications and allergies, may be critical to patient safety. Because doctors will have more information available, it will improve the quality of care that they provide to our Veterans.

How to sign up?

Signing up is easy.  You may sign up in person or through mail:

In person:

  1. Download and fill-out Release of Information form.
  2. Drop off the completed forms at the Release of Information Office at the Seattle or the American Lake Division.

By mail: 

  1. Download and fill-out the Release of Information form and the Verification form (required if not coming in person to sign up)
  2. Mail completed forms to:

    VA Puget Sound Health Care System
    Attn: Release of Information Office
    1660 South Columbian Way
    Seattle, WA 98108

Opt out

If you decide you would like to opt out of the VLER Health program please download this form, sign and return to the ROI office at either Seattle or American Lake division.

Contact Us

For more information about the VLER Health program at VA Puget Sound, call: (877) 771-VLER (8537).

Release of Information form
VLER Health Fact Sheet
Verification Form (Required for mailing)